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Thai Cookinng classes in Phuket

Do you love the exotic flavours of Thai food? Want to learn the secrets of authentic Thai cooking? What better place than right here in Phuket.

Do you love the exotic flavours of Thai food? Want to learn the secrets of authentic Thai cooking? What better place than right here in Phuket. Courses range from simple introductions that give you a taste of the basics of Thai cooking all the way to intensive classes that can turn you into a master chef.
The knowledge of Thai cooking is a souvenir that will last your entire life and enable you to re-live your Phuket holiday on the rainiest of days. Thai cooking courses are taught by highly experienced and well-regarded Thai chefs who can teach you about ingredients, techniques and the all-important balance of flavours. Cooking classes in Phuket are available all year round. 
Thai Cooking Class

Near the giant Jungceylon shopping complex on Rat-U-Thit Rd, Patong, Pum’s Cooking School is in a bright orange-coloured shop-house, and also operates as a bar and restaurant. It has an open space on one side which is used as a dining area and a small open bar at one end. The kitchen is big and open, and occupies much of the restaurant. Read more...
Thai Cooking Classes in Phuket - How to Join

Learn just what is behind those wonderful tastes and how to skillfully mix them through Thai cooking classes. You’ll be shown round a local market, taught what is what, then brought back to the kitchen/classroom where your teacher can teach you everything from the very basics to how to be a Master Chef.
The Cooking School at Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn offers afternoon Thai cooking classes from Monday to Saturday. You'll learn how to prepare starters, soup, main course and dessert. Cooking classes are hands-on and designed to teach you to cook Thai food in a regular home environment.
Classes start with a menu introduction, a visit to the herb garden, followed by a practical cooking lesson with coaching from an expert Thai chef. Class ends with tasting your own creations and a question and answer session with the chef. You can recreate the same dishes at home from the provided recipe booklet. Class duration is up to three hours. 
Pum Cooking School in Patong Beach

Pum Restaurant emphasize simplicity: dishes are based on traditional Thai Cuisine adapted for a modern, fast paced world. They will teach how to recreate recipes you have learnt here in Phuket, in the comfort of your own home by keeping things simple and using only fresh, natural ingredient that can be found in most countries today.
You won't need any basic skills or any knowledge to start, young Thai teachers will very kindly explain the used ingredients then guide you through the surprisingly simple process of cooking. Soon you will discover the pleasure of cooking yourself a delicious dish you problably had last night in your favourite Thai restaurant and you will be your own judge... simply delicious.
Classes are run daily and offers several options, most popular will allow to choose 3 o 4 of your favourite Thai dishes and last 3 to 6 hours. A recipe book and a certificate will be given according to chosen option.
Price Range: Starts 900 Baht. 
Tour Available: Pum Cooking School in Patong Beach 
Dusit Laguna Phuket (Bang Tao Bay)

Thai cookery classes every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon from 15:00 to 17:00. Students will learn from a master of Royal Thai Cuisine as they teach a different four course menu every day.
Students will also receive a Dusit Laguna apron as well as class folders which include instructions and illustrated recipes. 
Culinary Workshops at Mom Tri's Boathouse

Held every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00 the classes encourage participation by the students. Recipes are Chef Tamanoon's own. The complete, two day course features appetizers and salads on Saturday, and main courses and dessert on Sunday. Each class is followed by a leisurely lunch where students can taste their own creations. Graduates receive The Boathouse certificate, a Boathouse apron, and recipes.
Price Range: The total cost of the two day course, per person, is 3,500 Baht. It is possible to attend one session only at 2,200 Baht net with lunch. 
The Hideaway School of Thai Cookery

Courses run Monday to Friday either 09:00 to 13:00 with lunch, or 14:00 to 18:00 with dinner. Week long seminar courses are also available.
The regular course admits a maximum of four students and the seminar has a six person limit, ensuring that you will receive plenty of personal attention from the instructor. Each five course menu includes a starter, spicy salad, Thai traditional soup, main course and dessert.
Pat's Home (Phuket Town)

Learn Thai cooking from renowned chef Pat Teinthong at her home near Phuket City. Pat spent eight years living in California but has returned to her home to share the joys of Thai cuisine with anyone who wishes to learn.
Half day cooking classes prepare four authentic Thai dishes in a western style kitchen, while 'An Evening With Chef Pat' dinner courses are also available.
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